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(As a note, I am not finished with this… I don’t know how to finish it. And… I don’t know that I’m happy with it.)

Claws sink deep within the flesh of sulking, sullen souls.
Tearing open bloodless wounds in living corpses filled with empty holes.
The tortured cries from wordless mouths reach rotting ears that cannot hear and darkened sockets strain to force a solitary tear.
The painless agony felt by those who suffer endlessly affects the nothingness like ripples through rock while the crows peck at their skulls and with cackling caws they mock.
A field of chains, each link molded of regrets, binds weakened hand to ground.
Skin swells beneath the shackles and bruises and rips to an angelic clinking sound.
What woes they have left are unknown to them, for each morning they’re newly exposed.
Unwanted, unseen, unheard, unsaveable, unwashed, unprotected, unclothed.

One heartbeat per day pushes a love lost through dusty veins,
One last thought each night reoccurs even when sanity wanes.

You can not escape. You’re lost and alone.
You’ve not seen the sun and the moon never shone.
Your only escape will be to accept that you’re mine,
Though your pain will never end and your agony will shine.
You have only yourself to blame for your nightmare of life.
You’re mine now… Forever. And my present is strife.”

Atrophied legs struggle to stand but crack and break apart.
Hands missing fingers grasp at the air and, finding nothing, return to their start.
Sleep comes unwanted but comes none-the-less,
Bringing unholy dreams of terror and stress.

You don’t need anyone else

to make you beautiful.

You don’t have to be complicated

to stand out.

You don’t need others

to hold you up.

You can do it

all on your own.

Don’t bother trying; The reward is a lie.
No justification for it. It’s just not there.
Cold, uncaring eyes look right past your own
As they tell you it wasn’t there to try for.
It wasn’t yours to take.
All the effort was unneeded and all the wanting was a joke.
There was no trophy at the end.
There was no ribbon to pin.
There was only the memory of the path you’d ran.
The pain in your legs and the burning in your lungs.
The sweat in your eyes and the ache in your feet.
Your heart pounding it’s way out of your chest.
There wasn’t even a finish line.
Just your own foolishness.

Walking down this winding road, every step is your own.
No one moves your feet but you as you venture toward the unknown.
Even the familiar is vaguely strange as you realize you’re alone.
A journey’s worth adventure with every move you make.
A lifetime’s worth of sorrow trapped within each mistake.
Sleep lightly and rest shortly because it’s safer to stay awake.
Though the elements collide before you and sorrow weighs you down,
Though it’s been miles and days since you’ve had the safety of a town,
Keep pressing forward through rain and hail and rivers where others drown.

The road has no end until you drop and the obstacles remain plenty.
Each step is a choice that you must make. And what will yours be?
Heavier and heavier as the miles come, and the choice gets harder, truly.

We are like waves crashing.
A gradual force thrust against the inevitable.
We drown to breathe.
Each gasp a suffocation.
Catastrophic incidents of euphoria.
Amorous expressions of disbelief.
Waving curiosity and the capacity of our thoughts to reach the shores of others.
Lingering chances drift ashore on the beaches of their dreams; Unseen and unnoticed as ourselves.
Seeking the urge to drown and surface we kiss the force of life, leaving sand dollars and soft glass, storing our music in shells.
Hearts cling to feelings as starfish to rocks and hands as tides move slow and constant.