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As I had previously posted, my plan was to take an adventure before my next super-amazing and obviously hilarious post… But this post explaining the adventure will, in fact, be the post you’ll read (If you’re still reading these things).

Instead of venturing into the woods, I’m heading to a town called Lodi for a mysterious and magical thing called ‘Administrator Training’. This will be a test of my rusty and possibly totally forgotten technical knowledge involving servers and routers and shit I can’t even recall the name of. The only thing I will have to rely on is my steadfast learning capabilities (I memorize shit almost as fast as I forget it) and my impenetrable glare of “I am totally paying attention and in no way lost”.

On top of using this opportunity to advance my career and secret battle against technology, I will be using it as writing fodder. Worry not, dear reader. You will soon have much boring information to absorb! Soon! SOOOOOON!

Alright, so I don’t actually have time to write anything to go here. Therefore, I’m pulling ye ol’ blogging tricks and posting something I wrote somewhere else a long damn time ago. So, for your reading (dis)pleasure….

And Thence Came a Treasure!

(slightly revised)


So recently I was enjoying the fact that for once I actually had some fucking cash. I found myself and my then-girlfriend traveling from store to store; Not really purchasing anything but acknowledging “Yeah, I could afford that… but it’s not good enough for my bad ass”. Who wants a PS2* anyway?

Eventually we found ourselves floating around Best Buy, where I discovered a treasure in which I thought could never be found in any location in the WORLD!

Return of the Killer Tomatoes ON GAWDAMNED DVD!

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That’s right! We’re back! Not only are we back, but we’ve got a whole new format and a lot less content!