Category: Moving Forward

You don’t need anyone else

to make you beautiful.

You don’t have to be complicated

to stand out.

You don’t need others

to hold you up.

You can do it

all on your own.

Walking down this winding road, every step is your own.
No one moves your feet but you as you venture toward the unknown.
Even the familiar is vaguely strange as you realize you’re alone.
A journey’s worth adventure with every move you make.
A lifetime’s worth of sorrow trapped within each mistake.
Sleep lightly and rest shortly because it’s safer to stay awake.
Though the elements collide before you and sorrow weighs you down,
Though it’s been miles and days since you’ve had the safety of a town,
Keep pressing forward through rain and hail and rivers where others drown.

The road has no end until you drop and the obstacles remain plenty.
Each step is a choice that you must make. And what will yours be?
Heavier and heavier as the miles come, and the choice gets harder, truly.